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Many times when you move with Armstrong Relocation, you will have some items crated in wooden crates.  These can be large glass top tables, flat screen televisions, large pieces of artwork, etc.  Items like this are crated typically because they are too large to go into a carton and to give them extra protection inside the wooden crate.  After the move is over, we usually arrange for our crating company to come out to your home, uncrate the piece(s), and then dispose of the used crate. 

However, lately we have been seeing some inspiring ideas for used crates online.  Many people are using wooden pallets in their decor or for storage….like this….

{image via ReadyMade}

{image via WebEcoist}

…….and so we considered upcycling one of our used crates into this!

The crate was free since it was already used, the weather proof wood stain was in the clearance section at Home Depot for around $2.00, and the only other item purchased was a paintbrush for about $1.50 or so.  Painting the crate took roughly 30 minutes and then we were done! This is a great idea for those with a large patio or deck to display your plants! 

So next time you move with us and have items crated…consider keeping your crate(s) and putting them to good use!


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A great post-move idea is hosting a housewarming party!  After you’ve gotten all your unpacking done and {most} everything put away, why not consider a housewarming party so you can invite family, friends, and neighbors, over to scope out your new casa!  Housewarming parties these days have gotten creative and festive.  In fact, I just went to a GREAT one this past weekend.  Emily and Chris are great friends that recently moved into their beautifully updated new home and they’ve been so kind to share some tips, ideas, and photos from THEIR housewarming party. 

Food table

Kiddie snacks – at their level

Mini mason jars for beverages

“Adult” watermelon

Iced down beverages

Outdoor set-up

Splash pools for the kids

Housewarming party advice:

  • Your house doesn’t have to be perfect.  You can even draw attention to areas that are in transition.  We did this by putting up a “new couch coming here soon” sign and asking guests to vote on their favorite rug for the formal living area.
  • Have an activity for children if they’re going to be invited.  We purchased bubbles from Oriental Trading (48 pieces for $6.00).  We also borrowed two splash pools from friends and had beach balls in them.
  • Make sure to provide for the adults as well!  We made two fun drinks that people could serve themselves and provided bottled beer.  We purchased two large drink dispensers from Cost Plus World Market for $15.00 a piece and served vodka sweet tea in one and watermelon chardonnay in the other. 
  • Put food in multiple areas of your house to encourage movement and flow.  We used our formal dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, pergola, and even our bike trailer (for beverages)!
  • For an environmentally friendly take on a party, consider serving drinks in household items you already own (instead of buying new).  We used canning jars that we’ll put to use after our fall vegetable harvest for example.
  • Etsy is a great resource for decorations and even food!  The striped straws, mac and cheese holders, japanese masking tape, and mini flower cookies were all purchased from vendors/artists on Etsy.
  • Let your friends help!  If they offer to bring food or drinks – let them.  If others offer to help but don’t know what to do, ask them to come early to help set up or stay a little late to help clean.  Take advantage!

Thanks Emily and Chris for sharing!

A couple of other fun housewarming party ideas below!

Over at Drywall and Diapers they put together a warm pie housewarming themed party. They served MANY different kinds of their favorite pies to their guests, had guests write down their definition of “home” for the hosts to keep, and made mini maps to guide the guests through the details of their new place.

And at the Sweetest Occasion they put together some ideas for party favors for guests at your housewarming party. Head over and check it out!

 Hope these ideas are helpful in your next housewarming party venture after you move!



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Per our entry here, Armstrong Relocation is committed to helping our employees live healthy lifestyles, however we’re also committed to helping our customers live healthy and stay healthy.  We know that the few days prior to the move and the few days after the move are extremely hectic and it’s definitely hard to still find the time (or the supplies) to prepare home-cooked and nutritious meals for your family.  So we thought we’d help you with this by providing a handful of delicious meals that require only SIX cooking supplies or less!  Now…this does exclude plates and utensils, as we figured you could pick up disposables at the grocery store.  But yes, these meals will only utilize six pieces of cooking equipment! 

So….wash your hands and let’s get cooking!

English Muffin Pizzas {Simply Recipes}


Supplies needed: Skillet, cutting board, chopping knife, spoonula or equivalent, baking pan {FIVE pieces only here}

Go to Simply Recipes to get the exact recipe

Linguine with Spicy Red Clam Sauce {Myrecipes.com}

Supplies needed: Large pot, skillet, spoonula or equivalent, cutting board, chopping knife, can opener

Go to My Recipes to get the recipe

Vegetarian Chili {Simply Recipes}

Supplies needed: Cutting board, chopping knife, wooden spoon, can opener, large pot, baking pan (Skip the lemon zest so you don’t have to mess with finding your zester…I think the recipe will get by without it!)

Go to Simply Recipes to get the recipe

Loaded Guacamole with Chicken Kebabs {Mark Bittman}

Supplies needed: Cutting board, chopping knife, food brush, large bowl for the guac, mashing utensil, skewers (if you use wooden skewers then you don’t have to worry about finding yours and you also will need your grill, however that should be readily available in your backyard!)

Check out the recipe at Mark Bittman.com

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta Bake {Jamie Oliver}

Supplies needed: Cutting board, chopping knife, large saute pan, mixing bowl, large pot, baking dish

(If you substitute chicken stock/broth from a tetra pak and used pre-shredded parmesan cheese, you won’t have to find your wine opener or grater!)

For complete recipe go to Jamie Oliver’s website.

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1. Check out this fun idea over at Pure and Noble that could easily be turned into a “moving” project.  Create a map with your kids from your old house to your new house and let them hang onto it during your travels.

{image via Pure and Noble}

2. Host a going away party for your kids and invite their closest friends.  Check out these pictures for some inspiration!

{image via Stanton and Rubi}

{image via Best Madison Realestate}

3.  Create a scrapbook to help your child document their old home, old room, moving day, and finally the new house and their new room.

4.  In preparation for the move, let your child know that they are your “special helper” and give them tasks to do to help your family get organized before the move.  You could even make them a special badge to wear during all of this.  Perhaps one similar to this over at papernstitch:

image via papernstitch

5.  Get a custom stamp from here or stickers from here made for your child that they can use when sending letters and cards back home to friends!

6.  Buy the Berenstain Bears Moving Day book before the move and read it a few times before the real moving day.  

7.  Suggest to your children that they can be pen pals with friends from back home and write letters, draw pictures, and send emails to them after they’ve moved.

8.  Find creative DIY projects that you and the kids can work on together to help decorate the new home…such as a front door wreath like this one from Pure and Noble!

9.  If you have large trees at your old home, help your child make a small and inconspicuous (for the new buyers’ sakes) carving that says something like SMITH FAMILY 1999 – 2011.  This will be exciting for your kiddo…and feel a little exciting and scandalous to you also! {grin}

10.  And finally, once the move is over and done with, find some creative and crafty things to do with all those used moving boxes.  Here’s some inspiration for you!

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