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The decision to renovate your home can be a costly one but, as with other financial decisions, should be based on the careful answers to several key questions.

What is your motivation? Perhaps your family has outgrown your present home, you plan on staying for years to come, or there is excessive wear and tear on floors, walls or carpeting. Any of these might be good reasons favoring renovations.

What is the cost? Brainstorm with your family what your ideal renovations would be, then get estimates from several reputable contractors. Do you have the cash in hand or will you need to secure a home improvement loan? The cost might be too much for your budget or you could selectively choose one or two specific areas for renovation. Also consider the type of renovations you do — some have a higher return on investment (kitchens and bathrooms) than others (sunrooms and pools).

What will be the effect on the marketability or asking price on a future home sale? Updating is a common way to boost a seller’s asking price, but you must consider what the average value in the neighborhood is and whether renovations could potentially price you out of the market.

Will renovating cost less than moving? Moving can be a substantial expense so it’s worth factoring into your decision.

The answers to these questions should help you make a more informed decision on whether to take the renovation plunge or stick with the status quo.


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When most people think of storage for their household belongings, they think of private mini-storage. These are those establishments that will rent you a 10-foot-by-10-foot storage locker or garage on a month-t0-month basis. They typically have a gate that restricts access to vehicles with a gate code and allow their tenants to come and go during regular hours. This is not the case when you store with a moving company, at least a moving company associated with a van line such as United.

Armstrong Relocation’s Carrollton warehouse has 94,000 square feet of storage capacity in which we store our customers’ belongings. The goods are wrapped with protective pads and carefully packed into wooden storage vaults, each of which can hold about as many items as would fit into a 1-bedroom efficiency apartment. They are secured tightly with steel clamps and are not accessed until they are delivered to the final destination via truck. Here’s our President, Mike Gonzales, demonstrating the storage vaults in our warehouse.



In addition to the wooden vaults, each customer’s belongings are protected by an alarm system that is remotely monitored by ADT Security, as well as closed-circuit video cameras surrounding the exterior of the facility. A massive water sprinkler system is also in place to guard against the possiblity of fire damage.

One caveat for our customers to be aware of is the limited access they have to their belongings while in storage with us. Due to the way in which the items are stored, and the fact that we are not set up to receive customers as retail mini-storage facilities are, we require advance notice for requests to access the vaults. Some warehouse labor is also necessary in order to make the vault accessible to customers. For these reasons, customers typically only store items they will likely not need access to until the entire shipment is delivered to the final destination.

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This is a very interesting article based on results from a worldwide Manpower Group survey. This trend, if indeed it is a trend, will eventually prompt employers to beef up their benefits packages, including their employee relocation policy. As experts in employee mobility, that’s exactly where we can help.

Role reversal: Employers say they can’t find workers.

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We use shipping containers like this…

to relocate our customers internationally.

Which is pretty cool….

                    but these creative takes on utilizing shipping containers are just a little bit cooler…..

{All images and more information can be found at Jetson Green}

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Many times when you move with Armstrong Relocation, you will have some items crated in wooden crates.  These can be large glass top tables, flat screen televisions, large pieces of artwork, etc.  Items like this are crated typically because they are too large to go into a carton and to give them extra protection inside the wooden crate.  After the move is over, we usually arrange for our crating company to come out to your home, uncrate the piece(s), and then dispose of the used crate. 

However, lately we have been seeing some inspiring ideas for used crates online.  Many people are using wooden pallets in their decor or for storage….like this….

{image via ReadyMade}

{image via WebEcoist}

…….and so we considered upcycling one of our used crates into this!

The crate was free since it was already used, the weather proof wood stain was in the clearance section at Home Depot for around $2.00, and the only other item purchased was a paintbrush for about $1.50 or so.  Painting the crate took roughly 30 minutes and then we were done! This is a great idea for those with a large patio or deck to display your plants! 

So next time you move with us and have items crated…consider keeping your crate(s) and putting them to good use!

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Here are a few fun moving supplies to purchase if you’re moving any time soon…..



Decorative packing tape by Fancy That!

Colored bubble wrap by Fastpack Packaging

Room labels from Container Store

Lace packing tape from Stylehive


Tiger Tacos at Container Store


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In an effort to be more sociable and socially networked, Armstrong Relocation Dallas has made the switch to a new social network-enabled Website!

This will allow for much more interaction with our customers and partners. You also can access our Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog and YouTube channel from links on the new site. In fact, our blogs now will automatically post to the front page of the new site!

We recommend doing three things after reading this blog:

1.  Go to the Website immediately! Here is what you can expect (click on the screen shot below):

2. Bookmark the Website or, better yet, make it your homepage.

3. Visit the Website frequently – We are updating it daily with new content.

And finally, give us feedback. We want to hear from you about what you like, what you don’t and what you’d like to see on the site or out in the field, moving you or partnering with you to move a customer.

Thanks, y’all!

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