Dallas/Fort Worth was the 6th-most popular moving destination based on data from January to March of 2012, according to the American Moving and Storage Association.

The cities on the list, which also included Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego and Washington, D.C., offer plenty of job opportunities, a reasonable cost of living and have plenty to do for singles, couples, and families. The survey lists Dallas’ average rents at $779 for a one-bedroom apartment and $938 for a two-bedroom.

Of course, this is great news for us at Armstrong Relocation because we manage incoming moves to Dallas from all points around the world. It’s also good to hear it because any city that can boast a healthy influx of families from around the country and world can usually point to a robust economy and job market.

Keep it up , Dallas/Fort Worth!Image



From time to time in the moving business, we have the pleasure of getting to know families with very interesting stories. One of those families we’ve recently relocated in the Dallas area are The Coolidges. Andy and Amy Coolidge have three young children: Madison, Drew and Chase. From all appearances, the kids are just like any other kids their age. However, appearances are deceiving.

In fact, all three were born with an extremely rare genetic condition called trichothiodystrophy. Don’t try pronouncing it, just call it TTD for short. From Amy’s blog: “TTD is rare. Last stat indicates that there are 112 cases identified world-wide and 19 in the United States (we have 3 of them).  A rare disease is defined as a condition with such a low prevalence in a population that a doctor in a busy general practice would not expect to see more than one case a year.  Again, our doctors see 3 cases… multiple times every year.”

TTD is characterized by brittle hair that breaks easily, so the kids have to keep their hair trimmed short, and dry, flaky skin. However, it also affects all the major organ systems in the body. There is no cure, only treatment for the symptoms.

We applaud Amy and Andy for having the courage to face such a tough and emotional situation. They are clearly the right folks to tackle this sort of challenge and we wish the whole family all the best in their new home and their lives ahead.


Let’s face it, moving day is a stressful time. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared for the big day.

We’ll move your belongings from anywhere to anywhere, and under almost any conditions … almost. This probably wasn’t one of Armstrong Relocation’s drivers parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Forney, Texas, yesterday during the series of tornadoes that ripped across North Texas (lower left corner of photo below).

Around 650 homes were damaged by the twisters, but most importantly, there were no deaths. Those whose homes were destroyed or who suffered injuries are in our prayers.

United’s drivers, including hundreds of Armstrong drivers, are all over the place all the time. They do their jobs in good weather and bad. As we ramp up to our peak season, it should be good to know that we have plenty of drivers that are willing to brave the elements to help you get your belongings where you need them.

Wow! Do preschoolers LOVE moving trucks or what?  Armstrong Relocation’s van operator Tony Behrig recently volunteered his time to go out to a Carrollton Early Childhood PTA meeting and show all the preschool kids his United Van Lines truck.  Tony talked to the kids about his truck, what he does for Armstrong/United, and about moving.  The kids had a blast checking out the trailer (well….really running the length of the trailer over…and over…and over again), but the cab was definitely everyone’s favorite area.  Tony let the kids get up into the cab to check out the sleeping quarters and pretend they were driving his truck! 

Everyone had a great time and Tony was such a great sport about it all!  Thanks Tony for everything you do here at Armstrong and especially for spending the day with these kids to give them a taste of what Armstrong’s van operators do on a daily basis!

Here are a couple of shots from the day….hope you enjoy them!

Armstrong Relocation Dallas customer service coordinator Barbara Ripley recently was awarded Honorable Mention for the Heart of Quality Award. The Heart of Quality is awarded annually to United Van Lines employees who demonstrate outstanding customer service. Congrats, Barbara!

Here at Armstrong Relocation-Dallas, we’re creative folks. You simply have to be imaginative to provide solutions to an endless number of relocation scenarios. Need a couch shipped to Germany or a helicopter shipped cross-country? We’ve been there and done that for our customers. However, one of our dedicated customer service professionals takes creativity to the next level with his art.

Reprinted with permission below is an article from a newsletter put out by Unigroup, the company that runs United Van Lines.


The Artistic Stylings of Paul Sharp

Mastery of working in the moving industry certainly takes a level of artistry. After all, you are typically working with individuals during one of the most stressful times in their life. While we all strive to be artisans in our jobs, you may be surprised at the number of people in the UniGroup system who also have artistic abilities in their personal lives=. There are many individuals who sketch, paint, sculpt or find other creative outlets for their skills.

Starting with this issue of VAPNews, we plan to spotlight a different UniGroup agency representative, sharing their unique talents and showcasing their artistic abilities. For this issue, we caught up with Paul Sharp, move coordinator at Armstrong Relocation in Dallas.

Paul Sharp began drawing when he was five years old. He continued to sharpen his skills over the years. About 12 years ago, a hot water heater burst in his home ruining all of his artwork. Devastated by the event, he stopped drawing and painting. “When everything you worked so hard on is just gone, it’s devastating. I just couldn’t do it anymore,” said Paul.

After 10 years art-free, Paul took up drawing again almost by accident. He states, “I had a friend getting a tattoo. As I criticized the quality of the drawing he was about to get, my friend asked me if I thought I could do a better job. I told him I thought I could. To my surprise, my skills had actually improved over the 10 year layoff. ”

Today Paul primarily does graphite drawings. He often saves pictures so that he can challenge himself to recreate those images. A review of his work shows that some of his photo recreation drawings are ,in fact, almost an exact copy of those images. Below is a sampling of a few of his drawings.

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