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We’ll move your belongings from anywhere to anywhere, and under almost any conditions … almost. This probably wasn’t one of Armstrong Relocation’s drivers parked in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Forney, Texas, yesterday during the series of tornadoes that ripped across North Texas (lower left corner of photo below).

Around 650 homes were damaged by the twisters, but most importantly, there were no deaths. Those whose homes were destroyed or who suffered injuries are in our prayers.

United’s drivers, including hundreds of Armstrong drivers, are all over the place all the time. They do their jobs in good weather and bad. As we ramp up to our peak season, it should be good to know that we have plenty of drivers that are willing to brave the elements to help you get your belongings where you need them.


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Do you do local moves?

You betcha. We’ve been doing local moves since 1975.

Do you do packing?

Oh yes.  Our packing crews are trained in proper handling and packing techniques. They can pack and protect everything from a piano to a teapot in such a way as to ensure it will arrive at your new home undamaged.

What if I want to do my own packing to save money?

Be our guest. We’ll load what you pack, or we can just pack your breakables. All we ask is that you not pack your anvil in a cardboard box — it’s heavy and might fall through onto a mover’s foot.

What about insurance?

We call it “valuation” because, unlike insurance, it doesn’t cover natural disasters or damage caused by roving bands of armed militias (you laugh, but this is a real concern in certain countries around the world). We offer various levels of liability from basic coverage to full replacement of damaged items.

Do you do international moves?

Absolutely. We work with United Van Lines/Unigroup to ship via container ship or air freight anywhere in the world.

Do you ship automobiles, boats or other large vehicles?

Yes, yes and yes! We use car carriers for autos, or will carefully secure the vehicles inside the moving trailer.

What about storage — can I store with you for weeks, months or even years?

10-4, good buddy. We have 60,000 square feet of warehouse space at our offices in Carrollton, TX. We frequently deliver a portion of our customers’ belongings into storage while they locate a permanent residence in their destination city. Once they’re ready, we’ll deliver it out of storage and into their new home.

What don’t you do?

Very little, actually. We don’t herd cats very well.

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Many people load up on high-end electronics around this time of year — LED HD TVs, Blu Ray DVD Players, Home Theater Surround Sound Systems etc. All of those electronics are very well packed, padded and protected by the manufacturers. After all, it’s in their best interest to ensure that this delicate web of microchips, optical readers and digital circuitry makes it from the plant to the retailer and, ultimately, under your Christmas tree in good working order.

It’s also in our best interest to make sure that these self-same electronics are packed and protected as well as possible so that they reach their new home in as good a shape as the day they were unwrapped. Of course, we’re happy to provide our own sturdy boxes, bubble wrap etc. to accomplish this, but what if you had saved those original boxes? Especially in the case of a flat-screen TV, it could save you upwards of $100. The flat screen boxes we buy to properly protect these lovely TVs cost about that much or more.

So, if you’ve got the space in the attic or garage, sock away those boxes so that when it comes time to pull up stakes and move, you’ll save those hard-earned dollars!

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It’s not often that a moving company can say it played a vital role in bringing the latest fashions in women’s undergarments to the populace at large … but we can. I’ll explain …

The good people at Victoria’s Secret recently tapped us to store dozens of their display cases for ladies’ unmentionables. The cases will reside in our warehouse until they are needed, at which time they will be trucked off to stores all around Texas and surrounding states.

What makes us the perfect service for items such as these are the same reasons that make us such a great residential and commercial mover. We’re experts at blanket-wrapping items and providing an extra delicate touch for bulky pieces that must be handled with care. Pallets and forklifts are great for many types of freight, but not those items that can’t afford scratches, dents and dings. That’s where we come in.

So have no fear, ladies, those barely there, lacy pink knickers will be on display as perfectly as ever this summer and fall.

You’re welcome. ; )

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This video features yours truly and offers a few helpful tips on how to avoid throwing your lot in with an unscrupulous business just out to make a quick buck, a.k.a Rogue Movers.

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