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We at Armstrong Relocation’s Dallas agency were  informed this morning that we are the winner of one of our industry’s most-coveted accolades — United Van Lines’ 2011 Customer Choice Award. This is the third Customer Choice Award for the Dallas office, which also won in 2006 and 2008.

Only one agent in each size category wins this award each year. There are several criteria used when selecting a winner, but the most important are customer survey results and claims frequency and resolution. Our agency consistently ranks among the top performers in customer feedback scores.

Thanks to everyone at our office — customer service, operations, claims, drivers and  packers — for truly making us the Best of the Best.


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You might think the moving industry is a very basic, low-tech,  elbow-grease driven kind of business. In years past, you were right. And for some of our competitors, it still is. But out-of-the-box thinking and tech-driven solutions are the new model for the times we live in. And as the largest agent for United Van Lines we’ve implemented a recent innovation that renders us able to generate paperless, hyper-accurate moving estimates for our customers.

A new software application called Quotes to Go, paired with a new fleet of Apple iPads, now make us the most technologically advanced surveyors and estimators on the street. Our moving surveyors can now use their touch-screen tablets to select every piece of furniture, every box and everything that our customers would like us to pack, load and transport for them. They then generate a super-accurate quote and e-mail it to the customer, or print it out, if requested.

This means less chance for error and will allow us to avoid some of the hiccups that can occur when using old-fashioned paper surveys. It also means customers can see exactly how we arrived at our estimated weights, which is the basis for our pricing model.

Thanks to Steve Jobs’ genius and our forward-thinking leadership at Armstrong Relocation and United Van Lines for helping us to stay Ahead of the Curve and the competition!

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Here’s a little video we made recently to showcase a crucial bunch of folks in our organization — our packing and loading teams. Without them, we’d be in a heap of trouble. It’s thanks to these guys that our claims are so very minimal. Enjoy!


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In an effort to be more sociable and socially networked, Armstrong Relocation Dallas has made the switch to a new social network-enabled Website!

This will allow for much more interaction with our customers and partners. You also can access our Facebook page, Twitter feed, blog and YouTube channel from links on the new site. In fact, our blogs now will automatically post to the front page of the new site!

We recommend doing three things after reading this blog:

1.  Go to the Website immediately! Here is what you can expect (click on the screen shot below):

2. Bookmark the Website or, better yet, make it your homepage.

3. Visit the Website frequently – We are updating it daily with new content.

And finally, give us feedback. We want to hear from you about what you like, what you don’t and what you’d like to see on the site or out in the field, moving you or partnering with you to move a customer.

Thanks, y’all!

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Armstrong Relocation Dallas’ very own Denny Carter has been recognized by United Van Lines as van operator of the month for the west-central region of the nation  for the month of June. Denny has been with Armstrong Relocation since March 1993.

Continental drivers are a rare breed in the household goods moving industry. They are coast-to-coast, nationwide, long-haul drivers.

The criteria for the recognition include hauling at least 60 shipments, having a very low level of claims filed against the driver and having a 100 safety score.

Congratulations to Denny from the entire Armstrong Relocation Dallas team!



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Folks, I absolutely love anything that came from the 1950s, whether it’s furniture, architectural design, knick-knacks or popular culture. Through profound self-analysis, I’ve concluded that this has something to do with the fact that this was the time when my parents were teenagers. My imagination just takes off picturing what it must have been like to spend one’s formative years during the height of the post-war economic boom and paranoia of the Cold War.

 That must be why I find these vintage United Van Lines ads, circa 1957, so charming and amusing. Enjoy!

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As an agent for United Van Lines that moves people both domestically and internationally, we know how hectic moving time can be. Moving to an entirely new country can make your move even more stressful, so we want to try and make this transition as easy as possible for you.

We thought we would send a few helpful things your way if you are making this move overseas!

Some good reads

The “Culture Shock!” series is great and each book is actually very interesting and not boring at all. Definitely an entertaining series. Most all of these books can be found new or used on amazon.

 For those of you women moving overseas, it’s definitely worth it to check out the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, inc. (FAWCO).  This is an organization that has over 75+ member clubs in 40 countries worldwide. Not only do these groups help you with settling in and handling mundane things like voting overseas (think voting for the next president while living abroad), but they also just get together for fun things like celebrating American holidays such as Thanksgiving or the 4th of July!  It’s basically an instant group of American girlfriends in another country! So check them out here and see if your new location has a chapter!
Electricity and voltage are important to consider when moving abroad.  This can affect everything from your hair straightener to your washing machine. Therefore it’s important to find out what your new country’s electricity and voltage are and consider that when deciding what items to move versus leaving behind. 
Australia for examples uses these
and Germany uses these
Find out more info regarding plugs/volts/electricity here
Conversions and measurements might be something new to you especially when considering cooking, temperatures, and driving.  A convenient website that will help you with this is Online Conversions.
Further websites to check out:

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